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Mission - Vision - Values - Principles


We are a Colombian governmental institution dedicated to comprehensive cancer control through patient care, training, research, and the development and implementation of public health actions.


We will transfigure Colombian institutions and Colombian society in order to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality. We will inspire all those dedicated to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care.


Commitment:  We are committed to the community to defend the most precious of all rights---that of preserving life and health.
Respect: Respect implies comprehending and accepting every individual´s inherent rights and duties while he/she seeks to constantly improve his/her spiritual and material well-being.
Honesty:  We recognize that collective interests prevail over self-interests, and that our actions are to be carried out with the utmost rectitude in order to fulfill our mission.
Loyalty: We protect the confidentiality of institutional information, and in cases of conflict of interest shall abstain from expressing opinions on the subject.  We are vigilant in defending the reputation of the institution, both at the workplace and outside of it, and are willing to provide observations and suggestions that can contribute to improving the quality of our institutional education programs.
Justice: We grant to each and every one that which he/she earns through merit and in accordance with his/her due rights.
Social Responsibility:  We support civil efforts to improve local, regional and national development, especially those aimed at raising the standard of living of society´s most vulnerable sectors.



Equality: The National Cancer Institute shall provide equitable health services to all patients, regardless of race, color, creed, origin, gender or any other personal or socio-economic condition.
Solidarity: We are always willing to aid co-workers, and to cooperate in fulfilling the institution´s goals.
Quality:  We identify excellence as the mainstay of our administration and the patients as our primary concern.
Social Participation:  Our decisions related to health care shall respond to the individual and collective interests of our patients.
Integrality: We shall provide coverage for the health care, economic and collective needs of our patients.
Efficiency: We shall make every effort to fulfill our goals in spite of limited resources and time restrictions, and shall always set out to achieve optimal results.


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